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 Meanings and Examples of FORMULA
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 n.  plan; directions for making something; a group of symbols that make a mathematical statement
Classic Sentence:
1  It was the consecrated formula, and he expected it to be followed, as usual, by her rising and going down to supper.
Ethan Frome By Edith Wharton
Get Context   In VII
2  It was like a mathematical formula and no more difficult, for mathematics was the one subject that had come easy to Scarlett in her schooldays.
Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitche
Get Context   In CHAPTER III
3  Lily had such an air of always getting what she wanted that she was used to being appealed to as an intermediary, and, relieved of her vague apprehension, she took refuge in the conventional formula.
House of Mirth By Edith Wharton
Get Context   In BOOK 1: Chapter 9
4  The agent was most polite, and explained that that was the usual formula; that it was always arranged that the property should be merely rented.
The Jungle By Upton Sinclair
Get Context   In Chapter 4
5  He wondered how they could remember its formula in the midst of confusion.
The Red Badge of Courage By Stephen Crane
Get Context   In Chapter 5
6  Their vague feminine formula for beloved ones doing brave deeds on the field of battle without risk of life would be destroyed.
The Red Badge of Courage By Stephen Crane
Get Context   In Chapter 15
7  The other squires repeated nearly the same formula, and then stood to await the decision of the Disinherited Knight.
Ivanhoe By Walter Scott
Get Context   In CHAPTER X
8  We drive ourselves with a formula, like a machine.
Lady Chatterley's Lover By D H Lawrence
Get Context   In Chapter 4
9  This custom, the object of which is to break the thread of thought and to lead it back constantly to God, exists in many communities; the formula alone varies.
Les Misérables (V2) By Victor Hugo
10  The monastery is the product of the formula: Equality, Fraternity.
Les Misérables (V2) By Victor Hugo
11  I think he was swearing, but am not certain; however, he was pronouncing some formula which prevented him from replying to me directly.
Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte
Get Context   In CHAPTER XII
12  The formula which he wrote obediently on the sheet of paper, the coiling and uncoiling calculations of the professor, the spectre-like symbols of force and velocity fascinated and jaded Stephen's mind.
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man By James Joyce
Get Context   In Chapter 5
13  Nevertheless, in the later days of the republic the Romans were wont to entrust this power to a consul instead of to a dictator, using the formula, Videat CONSUL ne quid respublica detrimenti capiat.
Discourses on the First Decade of Titus Livius By Niccolo Machiavelli
Get Context   In BOOK 1: CHAPTER XXXIV.
Example Sentence:
1  All the patients were interviewed according to a standard formula.
2  It is difficult to imagine how the North and South could ever agree on a formula to unify the divided peninsula.
3  A simple mathematical formula has been devised to allow you to calculate the interest due.
4  The formula gives a much better fit to the experimental data.
5  His father is acting on his formula.
6  The foreign ministers have thrashed out a suitable compromise formula.
7  It is a formula that worked very well indeed.
8  There's no magic formula for a perfect marriage.
9  We're still searching for a peace formula.
10  He gave us a general formula for attacking polynomials.
11  Before proving the math formula, we needed to posit that x and y were real numbers.
12  The attraction of asymmetrical balance to artists is its lack of a formula.
13  If writers complete this formula, the result will be a three-dimensional masterpiece with thoughts, emotions, and actions.