FRAMEWORK's Sentences and Contexts

Learn FRAMEWORK from sentences of classic books. The app collects 10,000 middle or hard words; input your word, you not only get its meaning and example, but also have sentences and their contexts from classic literatures.

 Sentences of framework
n. fundamental structure, as for a written work; skeleton
If they're given a draft framework for such a body, the rebels say they are willing to resume negotiations.
“If the framework can actually be implemented, obviously it will be a big step in the right direction,” Mr. Johnson said.
Sentence in Classic:
As he stood, he leaned upon his weapon for support, and yet his tall figure and the massive framework of his bones suggested a wiry and vigorous constitution.
A Study In Scarlet By Arthur Conan Doyle Context
It puts the army to the test; it consecrates the bourgeoisie, it draws out the muscles of the police; it demonstrates the force of the social framework.
Les Misérables (V4) By Victor Hugo Context
The moisture of the stones, and the viscous nature of the timber framework furnished but poor supports to which to cling, either for hand or foot.
Les Misérables (V5) By Victor Hugo Context
Moreover, after looking at him one would have hazarded the guess that good nature, and an acuteness as extreme as it could be without verging on craft, formed the framework of his character.
Return of the Native By Thomas Hardy Context
The songs of the birds were heard in an aviary hard by, and the branches of laburnums and rose acacias formed an exquisite framework to the blue velvet curtains.
The Count of Monte Cristo By Alexandre Dumas Context
It was, in short, the platform of the pillory; and above it rose the framework of that instrument of discipline, so fashioned as to confine the human head in its tight grasp, and thus hold it up to the public gaze.
The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne Context
The thing the Time Traveller held in his hand was a glittering metallic framework, scarcely larger than a small clock, and very delicately made.
The Time Machine By H. G. Wells Context