FURRY's Sentences and Contexts

Learn FURRY from sentences of classic books. The app collects 10,000 middle or hard words; input your word, you not only get its meaning and example, but also have sentences and their contexts from classic literatures.

 Sentences of furry
a. hairy; consisting of or similar to fur
The dogs, curled in furry balls, slept in the snow.
Sentence in Classic:
Her white instep shone in the opening of her furry slippers and the blood glowed warmly behind her perfumed skin.
Dubliners By James Joyce Context
Its furry tail stood up firm and round as a plume, its bandy legs served it so well that it would often gracefully lift a hind leg and run very easily and quickly on three legs, as if disdaining to use all four.
War and Peace(V5) By Leo Tolstoy Context
He did not stand stolidly baring his furry belly to the missile, and die with an upward glance at the sympathetic heavens.
The Red Badge of Courage By Stephen Crane Context