HIDEOUS's Sentences and Contexts

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 Sentences of hideous
a. frightful, shocking, or offensive to the eyes; offensive to moral sensibilities; despicable
Their faces and bodies were tattooed or scarred in hideous designs.
Sentence in Classic:
But it is too late: the just turn away from the wretched damned souls which now appear before the eyes of all in their hideous and evil character.
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man By James Joyce Context
I had not gone more than 150 yards, however, when I heard a hideous outcry behind me, which caused me to run back again.
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes By Arthur Conan Doyle Context
It is unlikely that a youngster like Adair would at once make a hideous scandal by exposing a well known man so much older than himself.
The Return of Sherlock Holmes By Arthur Conan Doyle Context
But the first step he made wrung such a hideous creak from the crazy floor that he sank down almost dead with fright.
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer By Mark Twain Context
But in dreams, when she had no control over her thoughts, her position presented itself to her in all its hideous nakedness.
Anna Karenina(V1) By Leo Tolstoy Context
Everything that had seemed to her possible before was now so difficult to consider, especially in this noisy crowd of hideous people who would not leave her alone.
Anna Karenina(V3) By Leo Tolstoy Context
As the wretched creature mumbled and chuckled in her hideous merriment, the undertaker turned to go away.
Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens Context
I could have screamed aloud; I sought with tears and prayers to smother down the crowd of hideous images and sounds with which my memory swarmed against me; and still, between the petitions, the ugly face of my iniquity stared into my soul.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde By Robert Louis Stevenson Context
I suppose it is thus that in old times one vampire meant many; just as their hideous bodies could only rest in sacred earth, so the holiest love was the recruiting sergeant for their ghastly ranks.
Dracula By Bram Stoker Context
I stepped fearfully in: the apartment was empty, and my bedroom was also freed from its hideous guest.
Frankenstein By Mary Wollstonecraft (Godwin) Shelley Context
Scarlett, sitting on the stump, thought of those words which had made her so happy, and suddenly they took on another meaning, a hideous meaning.
Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitche Context