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 v.  make prominent; emphasize; stress
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1  Information minister Jerry Gana released a statement in which he says there has been an international media conspiracy against Nigeria, to highlight the controversy surrounding the beauty pageant and fanning the flames of violence.
2  He said it was time to highlight the danger of the possibility of smaller radioactive sources falling into the hands of terrorists.
3  You can highlight, underline, bookmark, or otherwise notate your favorite sections.
4  A fight-to-the-last-breath duel is often more compelling than merely a parade of highlight plays.
5  Chahkalalanwala is a village where around 8 years ago the world media including BBC rushed to highlight the cases of bone deformation among children.
6  Another highlight is a feature that lets you dictate e-mails, Tweets and Facebook posts without having to type.
7  We should highlight our long-lasting friendship.
8  The real highlight of the trip for me was the visit to the Tower of London.
9  He took a gun through baggage control to highlight the lax security.
10  The surveyor's report didn't highlight anything untoward.
11  The United Nations released figures that highlighted the carnage that has engulfed Syria for more than two years
12  In a blog post "Keep the Internet free and open", Internet pioneer Vint Cerf, whose current role is vice-president and chief Internet evangelist for Google, highlighted his concerns.
13  A customer satisfaction survey highlighted the need for clearer pricing.
14  The greatest applause went to a young researcher who highlighted the poor career opportunities she faced.
15  The choice of the Turkish candidate follows a speech by the outgoing secretary general in which he highlighted what he called the extensive backwardness of the Islamic world.