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 Meanings and Examples of HURTLE
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 v.  crash; move with or as if with great speed and rushing noise
Example Sentence:
1  The runaway train would hurtle toward disaster.
2  Muons are produced when cosmic rays - high-speed atom fragments that hurtle through space - smash into the atmosphere; they carpet bomb Earth at a rate of 10,000 per square meter per minute.
3  He hurtled his empty gun at my face.
4  He dodged to avoid the hurtling bicycle.
5  I saw the ball hurtling towards me and ducked.
6  She came hurtling round the corner and cannoned straight into me.
7  During the gale roof tiles came hurtling down.
8  It seems as if he has been hurtling through life faster than anyone else: he has worked prolifically.
9  He had the fantastically discomfiting feeling of Bolt's massive frame hurtling past inside him on the bend.
Classic Sentence:
1  Locusts trilled among the dry wheat-stalks, and brilliant little flies hurtled across the buggy.
Main Street By Sinclair Lewis
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2  They hurtled over his head with long wild screams.
The Red Badge of Courage By Stephen Crane
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3  Such were the sounds that now came hurtling from out the old man's tormented sleep, as if Starbuck's voice had caused the long dumb dream to speak.
Moby Dick By Herman Melville
Get Context   In CHAPTER 123. The Musket.
4  Right through the thigh it passes hurtling on; under the blow Turnus falls huge to earth with his leg doubled under him.
The Aeneid By Virgil
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