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 Meanings and Examples of HYBRID
Definition Example Sentence Classic Sentence
 n.  something of mixed origin or composition
Classic Sentence:
1  There never before was seen on earth such a wonderful hybrid race as was thus produced.
Hard Times By Charles Dickens
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2  The principal building, taken in its entirety, was a juxtaposition of hybrid constructions which, viewed from a bird's-eye view, outlined, with considerable exactness, a gibbet laid flat on the ground.
Les Misérables (V2) By Victor Hugo
Example Sentence:
1  The purchase price of a plug-in hybrid is expected to be considerably higher than for a conventional diesel car since the batteries are still expensive.
2  This variety of hybrid tea rose is more odorous than the one you have in your garden.
3  In addition there is synthesizer that relies upon combinations of analog, digital and software, known as hybrid.
4  The Dark World is a looser, loopier hybrid of science fiction and fantasy powered by a pair of magnetic performances and leavened with a number of truly witty moments.
5  That seems to be the message from the nation's movie critics, who have uniformly crowned this 3-D toy story the brilliant hybrid offspring of Pixar's best infused with South Park‘s irreverent humor.
6  But rarely was the music they played anchored in indigenous sounds of their homelands, as the groups eagerly explored musical hybrids.