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 Meanings and Examples of IDEOLOGY
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 n.  study of origin and nature of ideas
Classic Sentence:
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1  For people who had grown up believing in the communist ideology, it was hard to adjust to capitalism.
2  White supremacy is a racist ideology asserting white people are superior to other races.
3  This classical conservative tradition often insists that conservatism has no ideology.
4  As theorized by Nancy Hartsock in 1983, standpoint feminism is founded in Marxist ideology.
5  Some parents were critical of attempts to indoctrinate children in green ideology.
6  To add spice to the debate, they disagreed about method and ideology.
7  The party's policies were based on prejudice rather than on any coherent ideology.
8  These two men might be thought to represent the opposite poles of economic ideology.
9  This debate often represents a schism in American political ideology that claims to champion the same goals but attempts to meet those goals through different methods.
10  As such, it marks an ideological turning-point for the Jewish state.
11  He always tries to link his study with his ideological problems.