INDENTED's Sentences and Contexts

Learn INDENTED from sentences of classic books. The app collects 10,000 middle or hard words; input your word, you not only get its meaning and example, but also have sentences and their contexts from classic literatures.

 Sentences of indented
a. cut in the edge into points or inequalities, like teeth; having an uneven, irregular border
The first paragraph isn’t indented, which is slightly problematic; it should be as second and third paragraphs.
Sentence in Classic:
Every one turned towards the procureur, who, unable to bear the universal gaze now riveted on him alone, advanced staggering into the midst of the tribunal, with his hair dishevelled and his face indented with the mark of his nails.
The Count of Monte Cristo By Alexandre Dumas Context
As long as the criminal remains upon two legs so long must there be some indentation, some abrasion, some trifling displacement which can be detected by the scientific searcher.
The Return of Sherlock Holmes By Arthur Conan Doyle Context
Not even the long rows of windows and stores, the indentations of the chimneys, and the roofs, and the vague reflections which are cast back by the wet and muddy pavements, were visible.
Les Misérables (V4) By Victor Hugo Context
The chairs were also damaged, many of them severely; and deep indentations deformed the panels of the walls.
Wuthering Heights By Emily Bronte Context