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 Meanings and Examples of INFRASTRUCTURE
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 n.  underlying base or foundation especially for an organization or system
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Example Sentence:
1  Africa can plan short and long-term establishment of economic and industrial infrastructure to take advantage of an increasingly global trading market.
2  They've called for the cancellation of all of Mozambique's foreign debt so that all available resources can be channeled into re-construction of the country's shattered infrastructure.
3  In the late nineties the government realized that its complacence and feeling that the states talent and infrastructure would automatically make it a preferred destination was actually resulting in a large loss for the city.
4  An issue that arises with IT practitioners is whether to standardize their infrastructure and applications, and if so, to what degree.
5  Mexican federal aviation officials have indicated a substantial investment in infrastructure is needed for the airline to comply.
6  Schriefer is executive director of the Business Executives for National Security commission examining the defense infrastructure.
7  The Cabinet as an institution does not have an adequate bureaucratic infrastructure to enable it to perform a coordinating role.
8  The country's infrastructure is crumbling because of inadequate investment.
9  Vast sums are needed to maintain the infrastructure.
10  Such mega-events have undergirded determination in government and the public alike to move on longstanding issues of housing and infrastructure; a flood of public-works projects have accelerated a profound reshaping of Rio de Janeiro, often in ways that reanimate bitterness over racial and class divisions.