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 Sentences of intoxicate
v. stimulate or excite; stupefy or excite by the action of a chemical substance such as alcohol
Marijuana's emergence as the drug of choice of the '60s had little to do with medicinal and industrial applications and everything to do with its profound power to intoxicate an entire generation.
Sentence in Classic:
She saw in her the signs of that excitement of success she knew so well in herself; she saw that she was intoxicated with the delighted admiration she was exciting.
Anna Karenina(V1) By Leo Tolstoy Context
On learning this, the new party had made haste, during the dispute about Flerov, to send some of their men in a sledge to clothe the stripped gentleman, and to bring along one of the intoxicated to the meeting.
Anna Karenina(V2) By Leo Tolstoy Context
And feeling the bright light that flooded the whole place and the warm air heated by the crowd, Natasha little by little began to pass into a state of intoxication she had not experienced for a long while.
War and Peace(V3) By Leo Tolstoy Context
And in the same way every action of an insane, intoxicated, or highly excited man appears less free and more inevitable to one who knows the mental condition of him who committed the action, and seems more free and less inevitable to one who does not know it.
War and Peace(V6) By Leo Tolstoy Context
I had a dim recollection of having seen her at the theatre, as if I had seen her in a pale magic lantern; but she appeared to remember me perfectly, and still to suspect me of being in a state of intoxication.
David Copperfield By Charles Dickens Context
But this, which they could not help doing, they did in such a way as to earn the thanks of the people, by whom the concession was so well received that all Rome was intoxicated with delight.
Discourses on the First Decade of Titus Livius By Niccolo Machiavelli Context
It was intoxicating to find such magic in his clumsy words, and he longed to try new ways of using it.
Ethan Frome By Edith Wharton Context
She had feared at the last moment that she was risking too much in dispensing with the advantages of a more sumptuous setting, and the completeness of her triumph gave her an intoxicating sense of recovered power.
House of Mirth By Edith Wharton Context
Her recent graduation from a skinny pickaninny with brief skirts and stiffly wrapped braids into the dignity of a calico dress and starched white turban was an intoxicating affair.
Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitche Context
To act as I have acted, to think as I have thought, requires the maddening love of pleasure, mingled with the keen appetite of revenge, the proud consciousness of power; droughts too intoxicating for the human heart to bear, and yet retain the power to prevent.
Ivanhoe By Walter Scott Context
And again, in the gambling he was gone in a kind of unconsciousness, or blank intoxication, or intoxication of blankness, whatever it was.
Lady Chatterley's Lover By D H Lawrence Context