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 Meanings and Examples of INVALUABLE
Definition Example Sentence Classic Sentence
 a.  valuable under estimation; inestimable; priceless
Classic Sentence: (20 in 2 pages)
1  So Tamerlane's soldiers often argued with tears in their eyes, whether that invaluable life of his ought to be carried into the thickest of the fight.
Moby Dick By Herman Melville
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER 50. Ahab's Boat and Crew. Fedallah.
2  The title was, "Dan Coopman," wherefore I concluded that this must be the invaluable memoirs of some Amsterdam cooper in the fishery, as every whale ship must carry its cooper.
Moby Dick By Herman Melville
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER 101. The Decanter.
3  Each moment, however, pressed upon him a conviction of the critical situation in which he had suffered his invaluable trust to be involved through his own confidence.
The Last of the Mohicans By James Fenimore Cooper
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER 4
4  By the assistance of our experienced and invaluable friend, the scout, we may find our way from this savage people, but you will have to exert your utmost fortitude.
The Last of the Mohicans By James Fenimore Cooper
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER 25
5  In this dilemma, with little or no time for reflection, he suddenly determined to cloak his invaluable friend, at any or every hazard to himself.
The Last of the Mohicans By James Fenimore Cooper
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER 29
6  Whilst I was saddened by the thought of losing the aid of my kind mistress, I was gladdened by the invaluable instruction which, by the merest accident, I had gained from my master.
The Narrative of the Life By Frederick Douglass
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER VI
7  Those rules of deduction laid down in that article which aroused your scorn, are invaluable to me in practical work.
A Study In Scarlet By Arthur Conan Doyle
8  Wine-stains, fruit-stains, beer-stains, water-stains, paint-stains, pitch-stains, any stains, all come out at one rub with the infallible and invaluable composition.
Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XLVIII
9  And she," said Mrs Smith, "besides nursing me most admirably, has really proved an invaluable acquaintance.
Persuasion By Jane Austen
Context  Highlight   In Chapter 17
10  Your advice will be altogether invaluable to me.
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes By Arthur Conan Doyle
11  My dear fellow, you have been invaluable to me in this as in many other cases, and I beg that you will forgive me if I have seemed to play a trick upon you.
The Hound of the Baskervilles By Arthur Conan Doyle
Context  Highlight   In Chapter 12. Death on the Moor
12  As a conductress of Indian schools, and a helper amongst Indian women, your assistance will be to me invaluable.
Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XXXIV
13  This invaluable friend was a very young woman, and very lately married.
Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austen
Context  Highlight   In Chapter 41
14  Elizabeth longed to observe that Mr. Bingley had been a most delightful friend; so easily guided that his worth was invaluable; but she checked herself.
Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austen
Context  Highlight   In Chapter 58
15  I have invented an invaluable permanent invalid called Bunbury, in order that I may be able to go down into the country whenever I choose.
The Importance of Being Earnest By Oscar Wilde
Context  Highlight   In FIRST ACT
Example Sentence:
1  I was able to gain invaluable experience over that year.
2  The video has become an invaluable teaching tool.
3  Such data will prove invaluable to/for researchers.
4  The new job will provide you with invaluable experience.
5  Another factor here has been the slow but invaluable installation of Traffic Collision Avoidance System radar in commercial airliners.
6  This identification of level of measurement will be invaluable later on when the researcher begins the analysis of data.
7  Microscopy is an invaluable technique for studying the structure of cells.
8  He has many invaluable paintings; none care about them actually except himself.
9  A dictionary is an invaluable aid in learning a new language.