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 Meanings and Examples of MAKEUP
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 n.  composition; structure; the way in which someone or something is composed
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Example Sentence:
1  The makeup cost her a lot of money.
2  Hold on for a minute,I've just got to put on my makeup.
3  The best makeup is Smile.
4  The rain then makeup, summer rain, summer lightning, beautiful flowers.
5  I'm not advising you to throw away your makeup or forget about your appearance.
6  A person's genetic makeup has a strong influence on the likelihood that they catch HIV.
7  Some areas for the ladies to consider: hair cut, color, makeup, shoes, purses, clothing, jewelry and certain discreet cultural factors.
8  While the first impression of a traditional clown may be one of frivolity, the exaggerated makeup, clothing, expressions.
9  Over the last decade it has become increasingly apparent that a person's genetic makeup has a strong influence on the likelihood of them catching HIV.
10  Unwashed brushes are the ideal camp for acne-causing bacteria to set up in. To avoid breakouts, be sure that everything that comes into contact with your cheeks is regularly cleaned – your makeup, your phone, your pillow cases.