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 Meanings and Examples of MALTREAT
Definition Example Sentence Classic Sentence
 v.  treat ill; abuse; treat roughly.
Classic Sentence:
1  Nor would they permit Gabriel to be any way maltreated, say or do what he would; so that it came to pass that Gabriel had the complete freedom of the ship.
Moby Dick By Herman Melville
Get Context   In CHAPTER 71. The Jeroboam's Story.
2  I endeavoured to apologize for the accident, but it was evident that these books which I had so unfortunately maltreated were very precious objects in the eyes of their owner.
The Return of Sherlock Holmes By Arthur Conan Doyle
3  They had never seen animals behave like this before, and this sudden uprising of creatures whom they were used to thrashing and maltreating just as they chose, frightened them almost out of their wits.
Animal Farm By George Orwell
Get Context   In Chapter II
Example Sentence:
1  We all are obliged not to maltreat any child and parents have a particular duty to care for their children.
2  He had been badly maltreated as a child.