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 Meanings and Examples of MARVEL
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 n.  wonder; strong surprise; astonishment
Classic Sentence: (126 in 9 pages)
1  One marvel of a day he had walked so far that when he returned the moon was high and full and all the world was purple shadow and silver.
The Secret Garden By Frances Hodgson Burnett
Get Context   In CHAPTER XXVII
2  The more Tom stared at the splendid marvel, the higher he turned up his nose at his finery and the shabbier and shabbier his own outfit seemed to him to grow.
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer By Mark Twain
Get Context   In CHAPTER I
3  The marvel of Nature shaking off sleep and going to work unfolded itself to the musing boy.
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer By Mark Twain
Get Context   In CHAPTER XIV
4  Not one of them, not even the youngest, not even the newcomers who had been brought from farms ten or twenty miles away, ever ceased to marvel at that.
Animal Farm By George Orwell
Get Context   In Chapter X
5  Besides, it will be a marvel if the horsemen come not upon us from York, unless we speedily accomplish our purpose.
Ivanhoe By Walter Scott
Get Context   In CHAPTER XXXI
6  Which is still a marvel to more experienced people than Oliver Twist, every day of their lives.
Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens
Get Context   In CHAPTER XIV
7  I am loath to think it, and indeed it would be almost as great a marvel as the other to find that Van Helsing was mad; but anyhow I shall watch him carefully.
Dracula By Bram Stoker
Get Context   In CHAPTER XV
8  You had leaned over the still pool of some Greek woodland and seen in the water's silent silver the marvel of your own face.
The Picture of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde
Get Context   In CHAPTER 9
9  On the one hand, there was profound meditation, on the other, the religious admiration with which one watches the birth and development of a marvel of the human mind.
Les Misérables (V2) By Victor Hugo
10  Beneath the social construction, that complicated marvel of a structure, there are excavations of all sorts.
Les Misérables (V3) By Victor Hugo
11  I did not marvel how Catherine Earnshaw could forget her first friend for such an individual.
Wuthering Heights By Emily Bronte
Get Context   In CHAPTER VIII
12  Chichikov ran his eye over the document, and could not but marvel at its neatness and accuracy.
Dead Souls By Nikolai Gogol
Get Context   In PART 1: CHAPTER V
13  A thoroughly experienced French maid produces a really marvellous result in a very brief space of time.
The Importance of Being Earnest By Oscar Wilde
Get Context   In THIRD ACT
14  It seems to be the one thing that can make modern life mysterious or marvellous to us.
The Picture of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde
Get Context   In CHAPTER 1
15  The world is wide, and has many marvellous people in it.
The Picture of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde
Get Context   In CHAPTER 1
Example Sentence:
1  We paused to marvel at the view.
2  The robot is a marvel of modern engineering.
3  Constructed from enough concrete to pave a motorway from New York to San Francisco - this colossal barrier is touted as a symbol of man's mastery over nature and a marvel of 20th Century engineering.
4  He certainly is a marvellous actor.
5  This painting is a marvellous example of her work.
6  That's a marvellous description, Mrs Drummond.
7  I've heard she's a marvellous player but I've never seen her in action.
8  We had a marvellous meal at that restaurant you recommended - incidentally, I must give you the number of a similar one I know.
9  It was the most stunning surprise of the decade, and so profound was the sensation that it lifted the new hero up to the judicial one's altitude, and the school had two marvels to gaze upon in place of one.
10  Watching the weight lifter heave the barbell to shoulder height and then boost it overhead, we marveled at his prodigious strength.
11  Her fellow members marveled at her seemingly infinite energy.
12  Queen Victoria is a marvelous ship best suited to well-traveled guests.
13  These dogs have a marvelous sense of smell.
14  It's one of the most marvelous special effects in recent memory, because Lee insisted the animal not be the least bit cuddly.
15  Their voices blend marvelously as they sing in chorus.