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 Meanings and Examples of MEDIEVAL
Definition Example Sentence Classic Sentence
 a.  very old-fashioned; as if belonging to the Middle Ages
Classic Sentence:
1  By the light of the driveway lamps Jurgis could see that it had towers and huge gables, like a medieval castle.
The Jungle By Upton Sinclair
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2  She was an inveterate watercolour painter, and the house was full of rose-coloured palaces, dark canals, swaying bridges, medieval facades, and so on.
Lady Chatterley's Lover By D H Lawrence
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Example Sentence:
1  The village gives a good impression of what a medieval city would have looked like.
2  These spices were first brought to Italy from the East in medieval times.
3  This church is a perfect example of medieval architecture.
4  The personification of evil as a devil is a feature of medieval painting.
5  The house is built on the site of a medieval prison.
6  He began studying politics and medieval history.
7  What broke the medieval guilds was printing; some one could publish a treatise on how to tan leather.
8  The library is an enormous resource for historians of medieval France.
9  Pat Wallace, the director of the National Museum of Ireland, called the first discovery of an early medieval document in two centuries "a miracle find".
10  The changing of baser metals into gold was the goal of the students of alchemy in medieval.
11  In medieval mythology, gnome was the special guardian and inhabitant of subterranean mines.
12  Judging by the patina on this bronze statue, we can conclude that this is the work of a medieval artist.
13  This church is a classic example of medieval architecture.
14  This medieval painting depicts its saintly character with aureole around head.
15  Nearly all ancient, medieval, Middle Eastern, and European painted ceramics are earthenware, as is a great deal of contemporary household dinnerware.