MINISTER's Sentences and Contexts

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 Sentences of minister
n. one who performs service for another; officer of justice; executive head of a government department
The former Environment Canada minister is asking for people to protest the current Ontario administration.
Sentence in Classic:
And if the minister did it he would go to the rector: and the rector to the provincial: and the provincial to the general of the jesuits.
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man By James Joyce Context
The minister gave out the hymn, and read it through with a relish, in a peculiar style which was much admired in that part of the country.
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer By Mark Twain Context
So the faithful old minister went into the hall, where the knaves were working with all their might, at their empty looms.
Andersen's Fairy Tales By Hans Christian Andersen Context
His fertile mind instantly suggested to him a point of view which gave him a right to despise the adjutant and the minister.
War and Peace(V1) By Leo Tolstoy Context
While Russia was well, a foreigner could serve her and be a splendid minister; but as soon as she is in danger she needs one of her own kin.
War and Peace(V4) By Leo Tolstoy Context
She will be rejoiced, Copperfield, to renew her acquaintance with one who has proved himself in all respects a worthy minister at the sacred altar of friendship.
David Copperfield By Charles Dickens Context
In Athens this scheme was much debated, Alcibiades and certain others who had the public welfare very little in their thoughts, but who hoped that the enterprise, were they placed in command, might minister to their fame, recommending that it should be undertaken.
Discourses on the First Decade of Titus Livius By Niccolo Machiavelli Context
There is likewise another diversion, which is only shown before the emperor and empress, and first minister, upon particular occasions.
Gulliver's Travels(V1) By Jonathan Swift Context
Prince John, though not yet a monarch, had in Waldemar Fitzurse all the inconveniences of a favourite minister, who, in serving his sovereign, must always do so in his own way.
Ivanhoe By Walter Scott Context
He enveloped in a blind and profound faith every one who had a function in the state, from the prime minister to the rural policeman.
Les Misérables (V1) By Victor Hugo Context
The executioner, le taule; the forest, le sabri; fear, flight, taf; the lackey, le larbin; the mineral, the prefect, the minister, pharos; the devil, le rabouin.
Les Misérables (V4) By Victor Hugo Context