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 Meanings and Examples of MYTHOLOGY
Definition Example Sentence Classic Sentence
 n.  study of myths; collection of myths
Classic Sentence:
1  They caused it to be as a craved treasure of mythology, hung amid tasks and contrivances of danger.
The Red Badge of Courage By Stephen Crane
Get Context   In Chapter 23
2  Pagan mythology was giving battle to Christian mythology.
Les Misérables (V3) By Victor Hugo
3  Extracting a huge tome in which some by no means reticent mythological illustrations were contained, he set himself to examine these pictures.
Dead Souls By Nikolai Gogol
Get Context   In PART 2: CHAPTER III
4  Nicholas sat leaning slightly forward in an armchair, bending closely over the blonde lady and paying her mythological compliments with a smile that never left his face.
War and Peace(V4) By Leo Tolstoy
Get Context   In BOOK 12: CHAPTER V
Example Sentence:
1  According to popular mythology , school days are the best days of your life.
2  Stories about ghosts in the cathedral have entered the mythology of the town.
3  The constellations in the night sky cannot be directly equated with the heroes of Greek mythology.
4  In Greek mythology, the god Zeus took the form of a swan to seduce Leda.
5  They fear the blue, which, in mythology, is the color of purity and holiness.
6  In medieval mythology, gnome was the special guardian and inhabitant of subterranean mines.
7  Quartz is the most common material identified as a mystical substance in Australian Aboriginal mythology.
8  In Mexico, the jaguar has been a popular mythological creature dating to pre-Hispanic times.
9  A sphinx is a mythological creature that is depicted as a recumbent feline with a human head.
10  The rock drawings depict a variety of stylized human, bird and mythological figures and patterns.