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 Meanings and Examples of NUCLEAR
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 a.  being or using the power produced when the nucleus of an atom is divided or joined to another
Classic Sentence:
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16  She claimed that nuclear power was the most environmentally safe form of energy.
17  Opponents of nuclear energy have deep misgivings about its safety.
18  Cases of leukaemia in the area near the nuclear reactor have risen by a factor of four.
19  Japan has announced plans for a sharp rise in its nuclear power generation.
20  The missile warhead hit the target, effecting a nuclear explosion.
21  The modern nuclear family is a vulnerable and fragile institution.
22  The government faces implacable opposition on the issue of nuclear waste.
23  The safe disposal of nuclear waste is a major problem.
24  The skyline is dominated by a nuclear power station.
25  He's very interested in nuclear physics.
26  Much of the coast has been contaminated by nuclear waste.
27  The submarine is driven by nuclear power.
28  The dismantling of a nuclear reprocessing plant caused a leak of radioactivity yesterday.
29  Our country has discontinued nuclear testing.
30  They shut down the nuclear reactor for safety reasons.