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 Meanings and Examples of OPTIMISM
Definition Example Sentence Classic Sentence
 n.  tendency to expect the best possible outcome; belief that the universe is improving and good will win over evil
Classic Sentence:
1  The basis of optimism is sheer terror.
The Picture of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER 6
2  I have the greatest contempt for optimism.
The Picture of Dorian Gray By Oscar Wilde
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER 6
3  Her fingers fluttered; her sympathy came out in spurts; she sat on the edge of a chair in eagerness to be near her auditor, to send her enthusiasms and optimism across.
Main Street By Sinclair Lewis
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER V
4  He was in a state of collapse from all his past sufferings, and he was fully entered on optimism.
Les Misérables (V4) By Victor Hugo
5  Only the Henty books and the Elsie books and the latest optimisms by moral female novelists and virile clergymen were in general demand, and the board themselves were interested only in old, stilted volumes.
Main Street By Sinclair Lewis
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XIX
Example Sentence: (23 in 2 pages)
1  He swings from wild optimism to total despair.
2  There was a note of optimism in his voice as he spoke about the company's future.
3  The air-pollution board has reacted with cautious optimism to the announcement.
4  At the outset of her career she was full of optimism but not now.
5  Recent results must give some cause for optimism.
6  They expressed cautious optimism about a solution to the crisis.
7  He was still full of optimism for the future despite his many problems.
8  They ended the discussion on a note of optimism.
9  I'm full of optimism for the future.
10  I think the hardest thing is tempering optimism with reality, and vice versa.
11  It is interesting to note how public opinions oscillate between the extremes of optimism and pessimism.
12  The predominant mood among policy-makers is optimism.
13  On the other hand, the booster was a public benefactor, no matter how ill-grounded his optimism.
14  We view these changes with guarded optimism.
15  We know that markets can get swept away in irrational waves of optimism and pessimism.