PRAGMATIC's Sentences and Contexts

Learn PRAGMATIC from sentences of classic books. The app collects 10,000 middle or hard words; input your word, you not only get its meaning and example, but also have sentences and their contexts from classic literatures.

 Sentences of pragmatic
a. practical as opposed to idealistic; concerned with the practical worth or impact of something
a. guided by practical experience and observation rather than theory; dogmatic or dictatorial
a. dealing or concerned with facts or actual occurrences; concerned with making decisions and actions that are useful in practice, not just theory
AIDS advocates are now wondering whether pragmatic is just a euphemism for cheap.
For Videla, who as army commander was chosen to head the junta, the decision to "disappear" the victims was purely pragmatic.
He was, of course, both humane and probably even saintly, but like another giant of history, he was also a shrewd and smoothly manipulative politician with a keen strategic grasp of pragmatic possibilities.
Salman, 79, is "a stalwart of the royal family" who is "viewed as a pragmatic and cautious reformer, much like his predecessor," says CNN's Becky Anderson in Abu Dhabi.
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