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 Meanings and Examples of PRIORITY
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 n.  preceding in time, importance, or urgency
Classic Sentence:
1  D'Artagnan declined all others, being unwilling to take the first chance from those who had the priority.
The Three Musketeers By Alexandre Dumas
Context  Highlight   In 41 THE SEIGE OF LA ROCHELLE
Example Sentence: (30 in 3 pages)
1  This issue must be recognized as a priority for the next administration.
2  Spain's top priority is the signing of an EMU treaty.
3  The club's priority is to win the League.
4  I have priority over you in my claim.
5  The management did not seem to consider office safety to be a priority.
6  America's priority is rightly to stimulate its economy.
7  This is regarded as the crucial factor in deciding who should get priority.
8  Getting food, medicine and blankets to flood victims is the most urgent priority.
9  Our first priority is to improve standards.
10  The newspaper gives priority to home news over international news.
11  The Government gave priority to reforming the legal system.
12  Our first priority is to maintain the customer's confidence in our product.
13  Our first priority is to maintain the standard of work.
14  Being a parent is her first priority.
15  The recycling program simply hasn't been a high priority at City Hall.