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 Meanings and Examples of PROTAGONIST
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 n.  principal character in a work of fiction; main character in a drama; leader of a cause; champion
Classic Sentence:
1  Their appearance confirmed the impression that the show had been staged regardless of expense, and emphasized its resemblance to one of those "costume-plays" in which the protagonists walk through the passions without displacing a drapery.
House of Mirth By Edith Wharton
Context  Highlight   In BOOK 2: Chapter 1
Example Sentence:
1  The most likely protagonist was some other federal politician or government official.
2  Macbeth was the eponymous protagonist of Shakespeare's play.
3  The game, which features a puffy, pink protagonist who gobbles up enemies and spits them out as projectiles, became a hallmark of casual gameplay for the mobile game device well before the era of smartphone games.
4  The storyline of the game is exactly the same like of the movie. The protagonist Peter Parker aka Spiderman continues to fight the evils Oscorp, The Lizard and Gwen Stacy.
5  She was herself a vehement protagonist of sexual equality.
6  The film is thus structured as a race against time adventure in which odd couple protagonists Joy and Sadness must traverse disparate locales in order to return home.
7  Mrs Pankhurst was one of the chief protagonists of women's rights.