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 Sentences of psalm
n. sacred song; poetical composition for use in the praise or worship of God
You can find this psalm in the Bible.
Sentence in Classic:
And he carved out little wooden feet for her, and crutches, taught her the psalm criminals always sing; and she kissed the hand which had wielded the axe, and went over the heath.
Andersen's Fairy Tales By Hans Christian Andersen Context
But on Saturday nights she would frequently sing a psalm, and it was always on a weekday that she read the Bible, that she might be unoppressed with a sense of doing her duty.
Return of the Native By Thomas Hardy Context
The clanking of fetters and the rattling of chains in the prison, and the pious psalm and solemn prayer in the church, may be heard at the same time.
The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass By Frederick Douglass Context
Toward night candles were burning round his coffin, a pall was spread over it, the floor was strewn with sprays of juniper, a printed band was tucked in under his shriveled head, and in a corner of the room sat a chanter reading the psalms.
War and Peace(V4) By Leo Tolstoy Context
It is interesting that that is how he has ended: he hires himself out to read the psalms over the dead, and at the same time he kills rats and makes blacking.
Notes from the Underground By Feodor Dostoevsky Context
Her voice, of immense power and sublime expression, gave to the rude, unpolished poetry of these psalms a magic and an effect which the most exalted Puritans rarely found in the songs of their brethren, and which they were forced to ornament with all the resources of their imagination.
THE THREE MUSKETEERS By Alexandre Dumas Context
As the psalms of David exceed all other language, so does the psalmody that has been fitted to them by the divines and sages of the land, surpass all vain poetry.
The Last of the Mohicans By James Fenimore Cooper Context