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 Meanings and Examples of QUARTERBACK
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 n.  a player positioned behind the center who directs a team's offensive play
Classic Sentence:
Example Sentence:
1  The Huskies must reconstruct their offensive line to protect its quarterback.
2  The rookie quarterback brought an infusion of new life and vigor to the tired team.
3  The trainer carefully applied the liniment to the quarterback's bruise, gently rubbing it into the skin.
4  Though Phil had expected to feel overawed when he met Steve Young, he found the famous quarterback friendly and unintimidating.
5  The quarterback sprinted toward the end zone with Jansen in hot pursuit.
6  The coach said he wasn't worried about any position except quarterback; that was where the shoe pinches.
7  What you're seeing is a dominant defense and a balanced offense loaded with playmakers that has become potent under the junior quarterback.