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 Meanings and Examples of REVENUE
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 n.  money which returns from an investment; annual income; reward
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1  The revenue from the farm could repay the initial outlay within three years.
2  Advertising revenue finances the commercial television channels.
3  Economy is in itself a source of great revenue.
4  The revenue will be used to help pay for environmental improvements.
5  The magazine misreported its sales figures in order to boost advertising revenue.
6  Taxes provide most of the government's revenue.
7  Tax fraud costs the country millions in lost revenue.
8  The government's revenue is made up chiefly of the money we pay in taxes.
9  The UN Security Council should threaten sanctions against those who divert cocoa revenue into West African conflicts.
10  Their primary concern is not the health of the American people it is to maximize the revenue they can generate from the American people.
11  He could not live on the pittance he received as a pension and had to look for an additional source of revenue.
12  It gets the newer artist the ability to commercialize and help drive a revenue as well as interest to those songs that have been created twenty years ago.
13  I'm not sure which is more implausible, the notion that people would ever get blasé about a 40-foot-high, formerly extinct reptile or that a theme park would try to boost its revenue in such a wildly risky way.
14  A dwindling fan base in turn jeopardises the lucrative sponsorships that drive revenue.
15  Total operating revenues in the periodical publishing industry increased in 2005 from the previous year.