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 Meanings and Examples of SALUBRIOUS
Definition Example Sentence Classic Sentence
 a.  healthful; favorable to health; promoting health; wholesome
Classic Sentence:
1  His features were pretty yet, and his eye and complexion brighter than I remembered them, though with merely temporary lustre borrowed from the salubrious air and genial sun.
Wuthering Heights By Emily Bronte
Context  Highlight   In CHAPTER XXI
2  The better, Mr. Harthouse gave him to understand as they shook hands, for the salubrious air of Coketown.
Hard Times By Charles Dickens
Context  Highlight   In BOOK 2: CHAPTER II
3  The outhouse will do me nicely: it will be more salubrious.
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man By James Joyce
Context  Highlight   In Chapter 2
Example Sentence:
1  Many people with hay fever move to more salubrious sections of the country during the months of August and September.