SANCTUARY's Sentences and Contexts

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 Sentences of sanctuary
n. place of refuge or asylum; shrine; holy place, such as a church, temple, or mosque
The cleansing of the sanctuary is a happy token for good to any people; when they begin to be reformed they will soon be relieved.
The Toronto Zoo board did plenty of trumpeting Tuesday over delays in moving their three African elephants to a California sanctuary.
Sentence in Classic:
The gates of the sanctuary screen were closed, the curtain was slowly drawn, and from behind it a soft mysterious voice pronounced some words.
War and Peace(V3) By Leo Tolstoy Context
They have almost all died unawares, sitting in the sanctuary they had guarded and which is now no more.
War and Peace(V4) By Leo Tolstoy Context
It was as if the tranquil sanctuary of my boyhood had been sacked before my face, and its peace and honour given to the winds.
David Copperfield By Charles Dickens Context
The inconveniencies that they are therein exposed to, by the irregular and uncertain exercise of the power every man has of punishing the transgressions of others, make them take sanctuary under the established laws of government, and therein seek the preservation of their property.
Second Treatise of Government By John Locke Context
Next he points out the wide grove where valiant Romulus set his sanctuary, and the Lupercal in the cool hollow of the rock, dedicate to Lycean Pan after the manner of Parrhasia.
The Aeneid By Virgil Context
Up the stairs I ran to the wan mother and whimpering babe, to the sanctuary on whose altar a life at my bidding had offered itself to win a life, and won.
The Souls of Black Folk By W. E. B. Du Bois Context