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 Sentences of schooner
n. originally, a small vessel with two masts; ship; large goblet or drinking glass
He drank a schooner of beer and became drunk.
Sentence in Classic:
The only sail noticeable was a foreign schooner with all sails set, which was seemingly going westwards.
Dracula By Bram Stoker Context
It was a roving shanty, the cabin of a land schooner, with black oilcloth seats along the side, and for desk, a pine board to be let down on hinges.
Main Street By Sinclair Lewis Context
The schooner was run into the wind, and while the hands were clearing away the stern boat, Queequeg, stripped to the waist, darted from the side with a long living arc of a leap.
Moby Dick By Herman Melville Context
There was a long rest for the orchestra, and plenty of refreshments, while Marija was making her peace with her victim, seating him upon the bar, and standing beside him and holding to his lips a foaming schooner of beer.
The Jungle By Upton Sinclair Context
It is quite as much as I can do to take care of myself, without taking care of ships, barques, brigs, schooners, and what not.
Moby Dick By Herman Melville Context