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 n.  particular aspect of life or activity; body of people who form part of society or economy
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16  During the last election campaign, the French President Jacques Chirac promised he would slash value added tax on restaurant meals, to provide a boost for this crucial sector of the economy.
17  With the private sector in shambles, the Federal government is the only one with enough juice left to fix anything.
18  It is an issue for those that have made large strides in industrial development: the sector of economy consumes the most energy.
19  One of the key reforms that Fox wants to institute is a major reform of the electricity sector.
20  The survey covers a wide range of industry sectors.
21  This concept may be equally applicable in other sectors, such as services and information-ultimately producing more leisure time.
22  The idea is to divide up the country into four sectors.
23  Berlin was divided into four sectors after the war.
24  The term 'business' is here interpreted broadly to include all types of organization in the public and private sectors.
25  The project is a joint venture between the public and private sectors.
26  Its recommendations are based on detailed comparisons between the public and private sectors.
27  He is considering ways' to develop exhibitions beyond the permanent collection that will relate to different sectors of the population.
28  Picking stocks is tough enough, but amidst worries of a double-dip recession, be especially vigilant in what sectors you play.
29  MBA programs are run throughout the world, because their relevance is across industries, business sectors and economies.
30  Acronym has been an integral part of computer culture, and many originated in the military and government sectors.