SEQUESTER's Sentences and Contexts

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 Sentences of sequester
v. isolate; retire from public life; segregate; seclude
To prevent the jurors from hearing news broadcasts about the case, the judge decided to sequester the jury.
Sentence in Classic:
But, of course, she could do more with Frank in this sequestered alcove than in a breathless reel and she could listen fascinated to his talk and encourage him to greater flights of foolishness.
Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitche Context
While the scenes we have described were passing in other parts of the castle, the Jewess Rebecca awaited her fate in a distant and sequestered turret.
Ivanhoe By Walter Scott Context
In returning to labour in this sequestered spot he had anticipated an escape from the chafing of social necessities; yet behold they were here also.
Return of the Native By Thomas Hardy Context
The scout and the Indians appeared to be familiar with the sequestered place where they now were; for, leaning their rifle against the trees, they commenced throwing aside the dried leaves, and opening the blue clay, out of which a clear and sparkling spring of bright, glancing water, quickly bubbled.
The Last of the Mohicans By James Fenimore Cooper Context