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 Meanings and Examples of STADIUM
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 n.  large, usually open structure for sports events with tiered seating for spectators
Classic Sentence:
Example Sentence: (16 in 2 pages)
1  The local authority is to carry out a feasibility study into expanding the old stadium.
2  The club has unveiled plans to build a new stadium.
3  He left all his money to the town with the stipulation that it should be used to build a new football stadium.
4  A television camera panned the stadium.
5  Fans packed the stadium to watch the final match.
6  The stadium can be emptied in four minutes.
7  There were disturbances in the crowd as fans left the stadium.
8  The sports meeting was held in the stadium.
9  None of them addressed the stadium as part of a park -- or a neighborhood -- or a great city.
10  Flags of all the participating countries are flying outside the stadium.
11  The stadium has been fitted with seating for over eighty thousand spectators.
12  A thousand supporters packed into the stadium to cheer them on.
13  When the players and coach arrive back later today they'll be greeted as national heroes in the stadium where the first modern Olympics were held.
14  The main stadium is potentially one of the most important venues for attracting jobs and investment to the Olympic Park in east London.
15  That night, he watched the Dallas Cowboys play their first game in their spanking, state of the art stadium.