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 Meanings and Examples of SURMOUNT
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 v.  overcome or conquer; climb; place something above; be above or on top of
Classic Sentence: (31 in 3 pages)
1  My eye passed all other objects to rest on those most remote, the blue peaks; it was those I longed to surmount; all within their boundary of rock and heath seemed prison-ground, exile limits.
Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte
Get Context   In CHAPTER X
2  She was resolved against any sort of conversation with him, and turned away with a degree of ill-humour which she could not wholly surmount even in speaking to Mr. Bingley, whose blind partiality provoked her.
Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austen
Get Context   In Chapter 18
3  The ascent is precipitous, but the path is cut into continual and short windings, which enable you to surmount the perpendicularity of the mountain.
Frankenstein By Mary Shelley
Get Context   In Chapter 10
4  His face all at once took an expression of anger from the effort he was making to surmount his shyness.
Anna Karenina(V1) By Leo Tolstoy
Get Context   In PART 1: Chapter 5
5  Then they went in to lunch, and Mrs. Manresa bubbled up, enjoying her own capacity to surmount, without turning a hair, this minor social crisis--this laying of two more places.
Between the Acts By Virginia Woolf
Get Context   In Unit 3
6  Not even the prospect of reward, far less any feelings of compassion alone, could surmount this apprehension.
Ivanhoe By Walter Scott
7  The word reached his ear as a wave which he no longer had the strength to surmount passed over his head.
The Count of Monte Cristo By Alexandre Dumas
Get Context   In Chapter 21. The Island of Tiboulen.
8  Opposite the door was a showy fireplace, surmounted by a mantelpiece of imitation white marble.
A Study In Scarlet By Arthur Conan Doyle
9  It was surmounted by a portrait of Napoleon, in profile, executed by Squealer in white paint.
Animal Farm By George Orwell
Get Context   In Chapter VIII
10  The towering flames had now surmounted every obstruction, and rose to the evening skies one huge and burning beacon, seen far and wide through the adjacent country.
Ivanhoe By Walter Scott
Get Context   In CHAPTER XXXI
11  Thus the dangers which Bois-Guilbert surmounted, in themselves sufficiently great, became portentous in their narrative.
Ivanhoe By Walter Scott
12  Novelty in society and adventure were the zest of life to Richard Coeur-de-Lion, and it had its highest relish when enhanced by dangers encountered and surmounted.
Ivanhoe By Walter Scott
Get Context   In CHAPTER XLI
13  As the resting man looked at the barrow he became aware that its summit, hitherto the highest object in the whole prospect round, was surmounted by something higher.
Return of the Native By Thomas Hardy
Get Context   In BOOK 1: 2 Humanity Appears upon the Scene, Hand in Hand with Trouble
14  A few minutes later we had reached the lodge-gates, a maze of fantastic tracery in wrought iron, with weather-bitten pillars on either side, blotched with lichens, and surmounted by the boars' heads of the Baskervilles.
The Hound of the Baskervilles By Arthur Conan Doyle
Get Context   In Chapter 6. Baskerville Hall
15  In the centre was a hillock or tumulus, surmounted by a scorched hawthorn.
The Time Machine By H. G. Wells
Get Context   In IX
Example Sentence:
1  Could Helen Keller, blind and deaf since childhood, surmount her physical disabilities and lead a productive life?
2  We had many problems to surmount before we could start the project.
3  There are still a few technical problems/obstacles/hurdles to be surmounted before the product can be put on sale to the public.