TATTERED's Sentences and Contexts

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 Sentences of tattered
a. torn into shreds; ragged; having ragged clothes; disordered or disrupted
I know he looks a bit of a rough diamond in his tattered jeans, but apparently he does a lot of good work for local charities.
Sentence in Classic:
Shrinking from that life he turned towards the wall, making a cowl of the blanket and staring at the great overblown scarlet flowers of the tattered wallpaper.
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man By James Joyce Context
Because it was summer, when it is so beautiful out in the fields, the little town presented a particularly dismal appearance with its broken roofs and fences, its foul streets, tattered inhabitants, and the sick and drunken soldiers wandering about.
War and Peace(V2) By Leo Tolstoy Context
Though tattered, hungry, worn out, and reduced to a third of their original number, the French entered Moscow in good marching order.
War and Peace(V4) By Leo Tolstoy Context
While Pierre was repeating what he had been told about the army leaving Moscow, a thin, sallow, tattered French soldier came up to the door of the shed.
War and Peace(V5) By Leo Tolstoy Context
Nothing had come of it; and, as I tell you, she died with the scrap of paper, all worn and tattered, in her hand.
Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens Context
There were harsh lines of fatigue and urgency in his face but his tattered gray hat was off with a sweep.
Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitche Context
The tapestry hung down from the walls in many places, and in others was tarnished and faded under the effects of the sun, or tattered and decayed by age.
Ivanhoe By Walter Scott Context
And between, in between, were the tattered remnants of the old coaching and cottage England, even the England of Robin Hood, where the miners prowled with the dismalness of suppressed sporting instincts, when they were not at work.
Lady Chatterley's Lover By D H Lawrence Context
In a corner, on a tattered fragment which had been a piece of an old carpet, a thin woman and a number of children were piled in a heap.
Les Misérables (V2) By Victor Hugo Context
The National Guardsmen tore up the flag, and carried off its tattered remains on the points of their bayonets.
Les Misérables (V4) By Victor Hugo Context
The statues under the trees, white and nude, had robes of shadow pierced with light; these goddesses were all tattered with sunlight; rays hung from them on all sides.
Les Misérables (V5) By Victor Hugo Context