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 Meanings and Examples of THEORETICAL
Definition Example Sentence Classic Sentence
 a.  not practical or applied; hypothetical; of or based on theory
Classic Sentence:
1  The immediate contingency overtook him, pulled him back from the edge of the theoretical abyss.
The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald
Get Context   In Chapter 7
2  Having never before taken any interest in educational questions, Alexey Alexandrovitch devoted some time to the theoretical study of the subject.
Anna Karenina(V2) By Leo Tolstoy
Get Context   In PART 5: Chapter 24
3  My theoretical and his practical knowledge together could not have failed.
Mansfield Park By Jane Austen
Get Context   In CHAPTER XXXV
4  The reader will not be surprised if, for various reasons, we do not here treat in a thorough manner, from the theoretical point of view, the questions raised by socialism.
Les Misérables (V4) By Victor Hugo
5  She knew he was right theoretically.
Lady Chatterley's Lover By D H Lawrence
Get Context   In Chapter 5
6  I should have thought so theoretically myself, but," and her eyes brightened as she spoke, "take it all and all, I never spent so happy a summer.
Mansfield Park By Jane Austen
Get Context   In CHAPTER XXII
7  They had been instructed theoretically in their religion, but never required to bring it into daily practice.
Mansfield Park By Jane Austen
8  Although Oliver had been brought up by philosophers, he was not theoretically acquainted with the beautiful axiom that self-preservation is the first law of nature.
Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens
Get Context   In CHAPTER X
9  And he wanted to prove this theoretically in his book and practically on his land.
Anna Karenina(V1) By Leo Tolstoy
Get Context   In PART 3: Chapter 29
10  The conference on a dramatic club theoretically included Kennicott, but he sat back, patting yawns, conscious of Fern's ankles, smiling amiably on the children at their sport.
Main Street By Sinclair Lewis
11  From having the baleen in his mouth, the Fin-Back is sometimes included with the right whale, among a theoretic species denominated WHALEBONE WHALES, that is, whales with baleen.
Moby Dick By Herman Melville
Get Context   In CHAPTER 32. Cetology.
12  So far gone am I in the dark side of earth, that its other side, the theoretic bright one, seems but uncertain twilight to me.
Moby Dick By Herman Melville
Get Context   In CHAPTER 127. The Deck.
Example Sentence:
1  In sociology, the social organism is theoretical concept in which a society or social structure is viewed as a "living being".
2  I had a theoretical reverence and homage for beauty, elegance, gallantry, fascination.
3  His work in theoretical physics, which I will not attempt to explain further here, has advance our understanding of the universe.
4  Parapsychology is a fringe science because it involves research that does not fit within standard theoretical models accepted by mainstream science.
5  She has theoretical knowledge of teaching, but no practical experience.