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 Meanings and Examples of UNSOLICITED
Definition Example Sentence Classic Sentence
 a.  not requested, welcome or invited
Classic Sentence:
1  If Mademoiselle happened to have received a letter from Robert during the interval of Edna's visits, she would give her the letter unsolicited.
The Awakening By Kate Chopin
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2  Mr Elliot had attempted no apology, and shewn himself as unsolicitous of being longer noticed by the family, as Sir Walter considered him unworthy of it: all acquaintance between them had ceased.
Persuasion By Jane Austen
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Example Sentence:
1  It has received an unsolicited, 15 dollar a share acquisition proposal from partners.
2  As anticipation builds for the birth of Chelsea Clinton's first child with her husband Marc Mezvinsky, people are abuzz with speculation (and unsolicited advice) about the name.