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 Meanings and Examples of VACCINATION
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 n.  the process or an act of giving someone a vaccine
Classic Sentence:
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1  The vaccination doesn't necessarily make you completely immune.
2  The vaccination program has been a major factor in the improvement of health standards.
3  I'm immune to smallpox as a result of vaccination.
4  The pilot programme of vaccination proved successful.
5  The vaccine has been licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration.
6  This vaccine protects against some kinds of the bacteria which cause meningitis.
7  McCarthy was asked to analyse the data from the first phase of trials of the vaccine.
8  Researchers are collaborating to develop the vaccine.
9  Researchers are trying to develop a vaccine against the disease.
10  Preliminary results show that the vaccine is effective, but this has to be confirmed by further medical trials.
11  The researchers were actually working on a mouse contraceptive vaccine for pest control, according to New Scientist.
12  I think in the developing world we need treatments that are more affordable and more accessible , and we need an HIV vaccine that can have the same impact on the HIV epidemic as vaccines have had on polio, smallpox and other diseases.
13  What makes it even more formidable is that there is no vaccine yet for the disease though work is going on to develop one.
14  It's been 25 years since the HIV virus was identified but in that time scientists have struggled to develop an effective vaccine against it.
15  The disease was thought to have been eradicated in 2000, but the numbers have recently crept back up, largely because of visitors from countries where measles is common and because of vaccine objectors within the United States.