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 Meanings and Examples of VIDEO
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 n.  a recording of moving visual images made digitally or on tape
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16  A video is a useful aid in the classroom.
17  The video provides instruction on how to operate the computer.
18  The robbery was captured on police video cameras.
19  The police studied the stills from the security video.
20  My new video game player came with three game cartridges included.
21  The boys played video games all day.
22  Let' s go for a walk instead of playing video games.
23  It looks like high noon for the nation's movie theaters, now we are in the age of the home video.
24  Parents have joined with health experts to produce a video for bereaved families.
25  I recorded the film on video.
26  Now and again he'd join in when we were playing video games.
27  The new law means video pirates can no longer cash in by selling illegal copies.
28  The video was seven minutes of high camp and melodrama.
29  You have to treat our video recorder very carefully - it's rather temperamental.
30  I've made/put a down payment on a new TV and video.