VOLATILE's Sentences and Contexts

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 Sentences of volatile
a. tending to vary often or widely, as in price; inconstant or fickle; tending to violence
Increases in volatile weather have alarming impact on business resources and insurance markets.
The U.S. Supreme Court has invalidated most provisions of Arizona’s controversial immigration law, in a move that promises to stoke the volatile political debate over how to deal with the more than 11 million illegal immigrants in the country.
Sentence in Classic:
The boys followed her to the wagon and assisted her in, courtly for all their rags, gay with the volatile Fontaine gaiety, but with the picture of their destitution in her eyes, she shivered as she drove away from Mimosa.
Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitche Context
Yet perhaps the virtue of those reverend sages was too strict for the corrupt and libertine manners of a court: and we often find by experience, that young men are too opinionated and volatile to be guided by the sober dictates of their seniors.
Gulliver's Travels(V2) By Jonathan Swift Context
The singular appearance of this cavalcade not only attracted the curiosity of Wamba, but excited even that of his less volatile companion.
Ivanhoe By Walter Scott Context
It was also distilled to a volatile salts for fainting ladies, the same way that the horns of the male deer are manufactured into hartshorn.
Moby Dick By Herman Melville Context
In the universal decay this volatile substance had chanced to survive, perhaps through many thousands of centuries.
The Time Machine By H. G. Wells Context