WARE's Sentences and Contexts

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 Sentences of ware
n. articles of merchandise; style or class of manufactures; especially, in the plural, goods; commodities; merchandise
The Chairman's visiting the ware house today, so keep on your toes and be ready to answer any questions.
Sentence in Classic:
He left her quickly, fearing that her intimacy might turn to jibing and wishing to be out of the way before she offered her ware to another, a tourist from England or a student of Trinity.
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man By James Joyce Context
I lingered before her stall, though I knew my stay was useless, to make my interest in her wares seem the more real.
Dubliners By James Joyce Context
He receives these wares not only from treacherous valets or maids, but frequently from genteel ruffians, who have gained the confidence and affection of trusting women.
The Return of Sherlock Holmes By Arthur Conan Doyle Context
The Torzhok peddler woman, in a whining voice, went on offering her wares, especially a pair of goatskin slippers.
War and Peace(V2) By Leo Tolstoy Context
Chichikov entered, and in a trice the proprietor had dived beneath the counter, and appeared on the other side of it, with his back to his wares and his face towards the customer.
Dead Souls By Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol Context
At first the trade went well; for many people, seeing such a beautiful woman, went to buy her wares, and paid their money without thinking of taking away the goods.
Grimms' Fairy Tales By The Brothers Grimm Context
Skeggs, with his palmetto on and his cigar in his mouth, walks around to put farewell touches on his wares.
Uncle Tom's Cabin By Harriet Beecher Stowe Context