Describe A Beautiful City You Have Visited

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Topics of Task 1:
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Part 2
where the city is
Vancouver, the third largest city in Canada, is located in the Lower Mainland ...
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how you knew the city
I knew the city because my uncle had lived in Vancouver for years and invited ...
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what it is famous for
Vancouver is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, nestled between the ...
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Vancouver has immense natural beauty, a trendy urban life, and diverse ...
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and explain why it is beautiful
Vancouver's beauty lies in its harmonious blend of urban sophistication and ...
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Part 3
1. What are the differences between modern towns and modern cities?
Modern towns and cities differ primarily in scale, infrastructure, and ...
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2. Why do some people like to visit historical sites?
People are drawn to historical sites for a connection to the past, a desire to ...
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3. Does historic preservation contradict economic development?
Historic preservation and economic development can coexist and complement each ...
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4. Who should be responsible for protecting historical buildings?
Protecting historic buildings involves government agencies, local communities, ...
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