Describe A Difficult Decision That You Once Made

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Part 2
I think making important decisions is difficult in its own way because we gain ...
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what the decision was
One of the most difficult decisions of my life was when I had to decide which ...
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when you made the decision
I made the decision around three years ago after graduating from high school. ...
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how long it took you to make the decision
It took me nearly one month to make the decision. I was also afraid that if I ...
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and explain why it was a difficult decision to make
Because I asked too many people, this all made decision-making rather ...
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Part 3
1. What decisions do people generally make in their daily life?
We are always making decisions in our life. People make decisions about small ...
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2. Which is easier, making a decision by oneself or making a decision after a group discussion?
Making a decision after a group discussion is more difficult than by oneself ...
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3. Why are many young people unwilling to listen to their parent's advice?
In general, many young people find it difficult to listen to the opinions of ...
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4. Why do middle-aged people tend to second guess their decision?
I think second-guessing has nothing to do with age. With so much of ...
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The ways to stop Second-Guessing. First, “Trusting your gut can be absolutely ...
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