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A short story about Benjamin in the book Animal Farm, George Orwell.

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 Story about Benjamin
In the quiet corners of Manor Farm, there dwelled a figure of stoic wisdom and silent strength, whose cynical gaze held the weight of years of hardship and disillusionment. His name was Benjamin, a wise old donkey with a weathered coat and eyes that seemed to hold the secrets of the ages.

From the moment the animals of Manor Farm rose up against their human oppressors, Benjamin watched from the sidelines with a skepticism born of bitter experience. Though he had witnessed the injustices of their former masters firsthand, he harbored no illusions about the nature of power and authority, understanding all too well the cyclical nature of tyranny and oppression.

And so, as the other animals celebrated their newfound freedom and embraced the principles of Animalism with fervor and zeal, Benjamin remained aloof and detached, his silence a testament to the truth that lay hidden beneath the surface. While others spoke of progress and prosperity, he saw only the familiar patterns of greed and corruption repeating themselves once more.

Yet, despite his skepticism, Benjamin remained a constant presence on Animal Farm, his quiet strength and unwavering resolve serving as a source of comfort and stability to those around him. With each passing day, he watched as the farm descended into chaos and discord, his cynical gaze never wavering in the face of adversity.

But while Benjamin may have been resigned to the inevitability of their fate, he was not without compassion for his fellow animals. When Boxer, the mighty cart-horse whose strength had been the backbone of their labor, finally collapsed from exhaustion, it was Benjamin who stood by his side, offering silent support and solace in his final moments.

And though Boxer's passing left a void in their midst, Benjamin refused to let his sacrifice be forgotten. With a heavy heart and a sense of duty that weighed heavily upon him, he vowed to carry on Boxer's legacy and fight for the future they had all dreamed of, even as the winds of change threatened to sweep them all away.

As the seasons turned and the years passed, Benjamin watched with a heavy heart as Animal Farm descended further into tyranny and oppression. Despite his best efforts to warn his fellow animals of the dangers that lay ahead, his words fell on deaf ears, drowned out by the clamor of false promises and empty rhetoric.

And so, when Napoleon and his loyalists seized control of Animal Farm and established themselves as the ruling elite, Benjamin watched in silence as the principles of Animalism were twisted and distorted beyond recognition. Though he knew that the revolution had been betrayed and their dreams had been shattered, he refused to surrender to despair, clinging to the hope that one day, the animals of Manor Farm would rise up once more and reclaim their freedom.

In the end, it was Benjamin's quiet strength and unwavering resolve that served as a beacon of hope in the darkest days of their struggle. Though he may have been a figure of cynicism and disillusionment, his steadfast commitment to the principles of justice and equality never wavered, his silent protest a testament to the enduring power of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

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