My Vocabularies

Please Sign on, and refresh this page to get your vocabularies.
1. The feature only works for signed users.
2. A user vocabulary should be less than 1000 words.
This is a handy web app to accumulate English words and enrich your vocabulary skill. You can organize new words into separate vocabulary lists and study and review them by various online tools provided on this web site. Here we list some common questions and answers:

1. How to start to create my vocabulary? Why I cannot see my vocabulary?

The feature is only for signed users. You must sign on before creating any vocabulary. View/update an existing vocabulary needs sign on too. You can just work on own vocabulary. account is free to apply for. Use an active email, you can register an account in minutes.

2. If I sing on with an access code, can I create new vocabulary?

Yes. For all signed users, a "New Vocabulary" button is shown at Vocabularies bar. Click it to create new vocabulary.

3. How many vocabularies can I create?

You can create multiple vocabularies for words of different categories. The maximum number is 20.

4. Is there any size limit on vocabulary?

Yes, a user vocabulary should be less than 1000 words.

5. Can I sort words in vocabulary?

Yes. There are 2 options to sort: ascend by word and descend by date. You can set it per vocabulary. Suggest to sort new vocabulary by date, and known vocabulary by word.

6. What is locked vocabulary?

For some old vocabularies you want to keep them stable, you may lock them by setting. Then they won't be updated unless be unlocked.

7. I input new word but cannot see it in vocabulary, why?

You should input a right word. The app will automatically exclude any words not in good shape. For example, below criteria will filter out a word, if:
  1. WORD is less than 2
  2. TYPE isn't set or in wrong shape
  3. DEFINITION is less than 6
8. My example isn't saved into vocabulary, why?

If EXAMPLE's length less than 30, it will be ignored, so ensure your EXAMPLE is longer than the limit.

9. Can I input several words that share same example sentence?

Yes. When adding new word, you can input up 6 words with one example.

10. Two or more words share same example. If I update the example for a word, are other words with the new updated example?

Yes, you change for one word, other words will see the update.

11. Can I delete a word?

Yes, in Edit panel you will a "Remove word from the vocabulary" button. It's for deleting word.

12. I delete a word, which example is shared with other words.Is the example still shown for other words?

Yes, the example will be kept for other words until the last referred word is deleted.