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Quotes from Candide by Voltaire
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1  I have been tempted a hundred times to set fire to the convent, and go and become a Turk.
Candide By Voltaire
ContextHighlight   In XXIV
2  Whirlwinds of fire and ashes covered the streets and public places; houses fell, roofs were flung upon the pavements, and the pavements were scattered.
Candide By Voltaire
ContextHighlight   In V
3  It seems that you Europeans have only milk in your veins; but it is vitriol, it is fire which runs in those of the inhabitants of Mount Atlas and the neighbouring countries.
Candide By Voltaire
ContextHighlight   In XI
4  Azof was destroyed by fire, the inhabitants put to the sword, neither sex nor age was spared; until there remained only our little fort, and the enemy wanted to starve us out.
Candide By Voltaire
ContextHighlight   In XII
5  Four soldiers stood opposite to this man; each of them fired three balls at his head, with all the calmness in the world; and the whole assembly went away very well satisfied.
Candide By Voltaire
ContextHighlight   In XXIII
6  There he was made to wheel about to the right, and to the left, to draw his rammer, to return his rammer, to present, to fire, to march, and they gave him thirty blows with a cudgel.
Candide By Voltaire
ContextHighlight   In II
7  Candide was moved with pity; he had learned to fire a gun in the Bulgarian service, and he was so clever at it, that he could hit a filbert in a hedge without touching a leaf of the tree.
Candide By Voltaire
ContextHighlight   In XVI
8  I should have been burnt, but you may remember it rained exceedingly hard when they were going to roast me; the storm was so violent that they despaired of lighting the fire, so I was hanged because they could do no better.
Candide By Voltaire
ContextHighlight   In XXVIII