IELTS Academic Reading Exercise

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Africa Boy
Table Completion; True/False/Not Given; Short Answer africa
Americans Are Angry
Sentence Completion; True/False/Not Given american
Atom Bomb
Identifying/Match Information; Short Answer atom; bomb
Australian Aborigines
Short Answer; Identifying/Match Information; Summary/Note Completion aborigines
Black Powder
Multiple Choice invention; powder
Britain TV Industry
True/False/Not Given; Multiple Choice; Summary/Note Completion tv; britain
Children Language
Identifying/Match Information; True/False/Not Given; Summary/Note Completion children; language
City and Natural Environment
Match Heading; True/False/Not Given city; Environment
City HIV First Emerged
True/False/Not Given; Sentence Completion hiv
Cognitive Dissonance
Match Heading; Multiple Choice cognitive; dissonance
Crime-Fighting Technology
Match Heading; Multiple Choice; Short Answer; Yes/No/Not Given crime; technology
E-cigarettes Stop Smoking?
Identifying/Match Information; Multiple Choice cigarette; smoking
Environment and Agriculture
Multiple Choice environment; agriculture
Gender Price Gap
Identifying/Match Information; True/False/Not Given gender
Gene Editing
True/False/Not Given; Multiple Choice; Sentence Completion gene
Helium's Future
Identifying/Match Information; Yes/No/Not Given; Summary/Note Completion helium
History of Steam Engine
Identifying/Match Information; Table Completion engine
How I was floored by a tick
True/False/Not Given; Sentence Completion treatment; tick
In Praise of Amateurs
Summary/Note Completion; Identifying/Match Information research
Is Science Dangerous
True/False/Not Given; Short Answer; Match Sentence Ending; Multiple Choice trade; corn
Life Without Death
Yes/No/Not Given; Identifying/Match Information; Short Answer; Summary/Note Completion life
Life Without Mental Images
True/False/Not Given; Sentence Completion aphantasia
Light Pollution
Match Heading; Sentence Completion; Yes/No/Not Given pollution
Lost Objects: The Lion of al-Lat
Identifying/Match Information; Sentence Completion lion; museum
Making Time for Science
True/False/Not Given; Multiple Choice environment; agriculture
Mysterious Dark Matter
Sentence Completion; True/False/Not Given; Multiple Choice matter
Penguins' Anti-ice Trick
Multiple Choice; Sentence Completion penguin
People of Corn
Yes/No/Not Given; Summary/Note Completion trade; corn
Phi Phi Island Resort
True/False/Not Given; Sentence Completion island; resort
Put Pupils Off Languages
Match Heading; Identifying/Match Information pupil; language
Put Women To Family
Identifying/Match Information; Multiple Choice woman; family
Reveal How To Think
Multiple Choice; Yes/No/Not Given; Match Sentence Ending think
Risks Of Artificial Intelligence
Sentence Completion; True/False/Not Given ai; intelligence
Roman Oil Trade
Identifying/Match Information; True/False/Not Given; Sentence Completion roman; oil; trade
Romantic Kiss
True/False/Not Given; Sentence Completion kiss
Science Of Sleep
True/False/Not Given; Multiple Choice; Sentence Completion sleep
Sea Monsters
True/False/Not Given; Multiple Choice; Sentence Completion monster
Sense of Scent
True/False/Not Given; Sentence Completion aense; scent
Sniff Out Disease
True/False/Not Given; Multiple Choice; Sentence Completion disease
Sponging Dolphins
Identifying/Match Information; Multiple Choice dolphin
Start-Ups Stay Private
Multiple Choice; Sentence Completion; True/False/Not Given start-ups; investor
Students' Problem
Match Sentence Ending; True/False/Not Given student
Teenage Model
Multiple Choice; Identifying/Match Information teenage
The Animal That Regrows Its Head
True/False/Not Given; Multiple Choice; Sentence Completion animal
The Triune Brain
Identifying/Match Information; Sentence Completion brain
Toddlers Bond With Robot
Identifying/Match Information; Multiple Choice toddler; robot
Truth About ART
Identifying/Match Information; Multiple Choice art
Unmasking Skin
Identifying/Match Information; Multiple Choice; Match Sentence Ending; True/False/Not Given skin
We French Do Love To Demonstrate
Match Heading; True/False/Not Given french; demonstrate
What A Waste
Match Sentence Ending; Multiple Choice; Summary/Note Completion waste
World's Largest Volcano
Identifying/Match Information; Sentence Completion volcano
 Today's Question
Questions 1-9: Complete the sentences below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the passage for each answer.
1. Singularity is the point, where AI our own machines.

2. Many people, including Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates warned us about the possible of supersmart AI.

3. According to Andrew Ng, fearing a rise of is similar to worrying about overpopulation on Mars.

4. There is a danger that many important parts of our lives, like healthcare, finance, and will be without sufficient scrutiny.

5. Simply put, AI is machines doing things that are considered to require when humans do them.

6. Nowadays, the main approach to AI is .

7. DeepMind in collaboration with the UK’s National Health Service works on many projects, including the one where software learns how to and eye disease.

8. In the nearest future machine learning could be to healthcare.

9. AI might also help in managing networks.
Questions 10-13: Do the following statements agree with the information given in the Reading Passage? Answer True, False or Not given.
True: if the statement agrees with the information
False: if the statement contradicts the information
Not given: if there is no information on this
10. AI works in many different industries nowadays.
Answer 10:

11. We shouldn't put too much trust in AI in the future.
Answer 11:

12. The quality of the data doesn't affect the ability of AI to learn information correctly.
Answer 12:

13. We can get perfect answers from AI all the time.
Answer 13: