By Jiabao Hors

IELTS 2018 General Reading Questions

Here we collect recent IELTS general reading exam questions from internet and other resources. Its contents include real test questions in all general reading sections; and are organized by test date.

IELTS Exam Questions of All Sections:
Academic Test Speaking Listening Reading Writing
General Test Reading Writing

2018-10-27: Section 1 (India)
The section was about a set of small advertisements and questions related to identifying the adverts for relevant information.

2018-10-27: Section 2 (India)
The section was about the Job description for the position of Media Assistant.

2018-10-27: Section 2 (India)
The section was about the famous Botanist ‘Douglas Fir’.

2018-10-13: Section 1 (Qatar)
The section was about an ancient school which has been renovated to look how exactly it looked in the past.

2018-10-13: Section 2 (Qatar)
The section was mostly based on Company Dress code, holiday and risk assessments for employees – specifically dress code, how, when and where to use casual and formal clothes..

2018-10-13: Section 2 (Qatar)
The section was about Daniel Tammet’s special skills relating to calculation and linguistic skills and introduction of new language – called Manti.

2018-09-28: Section 1 (Belarus)
The section was ads about various outdoor activities.

2018-09-28: Section 2 (Belarus)
The section was about a website which created by a woman during pregnancy.

2018-08-18: Section 1 (USA)
The section was about ads by baby sitters.

2018-08-18: Section 1 (India)
The section was about different types of bus routes to different places in Australia or New Zealand.

2018-08-18: Section 1 (Nigeria)
Passages on conducting a test in Mount Everest .

2018-08-18: Section 2 (USA)
The section was about a special lizard.

2018-08-18: Section 2 (Nigeria)
The section was about setting up a cafe.

2018-08-18: Section 3 (USA)
The section was about skinks.

2018-08-18: Section 3 (India)
The section was about Humpback whales migration patterns.

2018-08-18: Section 3 (Nigeria)
The section was about summer holiday camp for kids.

2018-08-02: Section 1 (South Africa; India; Sri Lanka)
A passage about advertisements for flats.

2018-08-02: Section 1 (Australia)
It was about Australian visa types (visiting and working holiday visas; cost and who can visit and obtain visa on arrival, working condition on working holiday visa..)

2018-08-02: Section 2 (South Africa; India)
A description of a company startup was given to fill the blanks.

2018-08-02: Section 2 (Australia)
It was about how to gain promoted.

2018-08-02: Section 3 (South Africa; India; Sri Lanka)
The passage was a lengthy article on “History of Pens”.

2018-08-02: Section 3 (Australia)
It was a very long passage about the psychology of procrastination.

2018-07-28: Section 1 (KSA)
True False NG for a passage on immigration to Australia.

2018-07-28: Section 1 (USA)
True False NG for a passage on New Zealand Driving License details.

2018-07-28: Section 2 (USA)
The second section of reading was about railways lines of Britain.

2018-07-28: Section 3 (KSA)
The passage on Laughter and its components.

2018-07-28: Section 3 (USA)
Complete the flowchart - asking for a Pay raise.

2018-07-28: Section 4 (USA)
Match the paragraph and some complete the sentence about an underground archaeologist.

2018-07-07: Section 1 (China)
The first section of reading was about UK drive licence.

2018-07-07: Section 2 (China)
The second section of reading was about property introduction for sales.

2018-07-07: Section 3 (China)
The third section of reading was about business competence measurement.

2018-07-07: Section 5 (China)
The fifth section of reading was about RFID tag.

2018-06-30: Section 1 (New Zealand)
Checking used car before buying.

2018-06-30: Section 1 (Germany)
It was about Sydney transport.

2018-06-30: Section 2 (New Zealand)
Tips and service charge in restaurants.

2018-06-30: Section 2 (Germany)
Paragraph Matching was UK doctor visit.

2018-06-30: Section 3 (New Zealand)
New Paid Holiday Policy in the EU.

2018-06-30: Section 3 (Germany)
Sentence completion was interviewing skills.

2018-06-30: Section 4 (New Zealand)
Rescue Endangered Bird in New Zealand.

2018-06-30: Section 4 (Germany)
Heading matching/multiple choice---pepper talk.

2018-05-12: Section 1
Information on tickets to enter museums (group and individual tickets).

2018-05-12: Section 1 (South Africa)
List of exhibitions, each with a brief description.

2018-05-12: Section 2
A paragraph on Aesoph’s tales, how to interpret them with science.

2018-05-12: Section 2 (South Africa)
Advert of a physiotherapy clinic.

2018-05-12: Section 3
A paragraph on carpooling.

2018-05-12: Section 3 (South Africa)
Etiquette at workplace. Tips on how to be polite.

2018-05-12: Section 4 (South Africa)
Company policy (rules) on Time Management.

2018-05-12: Section 5 (South Africa)
Global warming topic. An expedition to explore/study melting glaciers at Uganda.

2018-05-05: Section 1 (Australia)
About bus transport in area called Cornwall.

2018-05-05: Section 2 (Australia)
About bike ride learning courses.

2018-05-05: Section 3 (Australia)
About employees training programs.

2018-05-05: Section 4 (Australia)
About history of Calculator.

2018-04-23: Section 3 (Pakistan)
About ancient Egypt and pyramid history.

2018-04-21: Section 1 (Qatar)
The fist text about Greyhound buses.

2018-04-21: Section 1 (India)
Part 1 was about Greyhound Buses and Part 2 was about parks and campfires.

2018-04-21: Section 2 (Qatar)
About taking paternity leave from HR.

2018-04-21: Section 2 (India)
Part 1 was Paternity leave entitlement and Part 2 was about a company policy for new joiners.

2018-04-21: Section 3 (Qatar)
About the guardian king of Egypt, zahid hawwas.

2018-04-21: Section 3 (India)
About an Egyptian archaeologist.

2018-04-07: Section 1 (United Arab Emirates)
True or false questions (T/F/NG) about MG Bins.

2018-04-07: Section 2 (United Arab Emirates)
Matching headings about employee annual leave and pays.

2018-04-07: Section 3 (United Arab Emirates)
Fill in spaces about maternity leaves.

2018-04-07: Section 4 (United Arab Emirates)
Matching headings, multiple choices and fill in spaces about a species of bird.

2018-03-24: Section 1 (USA)
Multiple Sports Clubs (Write correct letter A-E).

2018-03-24: Section 2 (USA)
Information regarding Liverpool, England (T,F,NG).

2018-03-24: Section 3 (USA)
Lengthy Paragraph of Douglas Fir (British Botanist).

2018-03-04: Section 1 (Brazil)
About 5 different houses than you had to match each house with a description, all the descriptions were synonyms and paraphrasing from the fist text.

2018-03-04: Section 2 (Brazil)
An airline instruction form, explaining the language test their employees need to take, true of false questions.

2018-03-04: Section 3 (Brazil)
One very long text about procrastination (2 pages) match each paragraph with the main topic give, and many other questions about this text, again all of them using a lot of synonyms.

2018-03-04: Section 4 (Brazil)
Simple text about Australian visa and questions of what the text said, like which visa needed payment, who didnt need visa, how long one could work with a visa… again all synonyms and paraphrasing.

2018-03-03: Section 1 (USA)
The fist text about job promotion.

2018-03-03: Section 1 (India; Saudi Arabia)
The fist text about: Day care center advertisement.

2018-03-03: Section 2 (USA)
True or false questions: evening classes.

2018-03-03: Section 2 (India; Saudi Arabia)
True or false questions: things to do before booking an appointment with doctor.

2018-03-03: Section 3 (USA)
Questions about this text: Ad for Europe hotels for skiing.

2018-03-03: Section 3 (India; Saudi Arabia)
Questions about this text: importance of team work on projects in company.

2018-03-03: Section 4 (USA)
On procrastination give headings and notes completion in what eg are given in article.

2018-03-03: Section 4 (India; Saudi Arabia)
Matching Headings for Paragraphs regarding Skink and Lizards of New Zealand.

2018-03-03: Section 5 (India; Saudi Arabia)
True, False, Not Given about skink and lizards of New Zealand.

2018-02-10: Section 1 (Saudi Arabia)
Teachers employment application process.

2018-02-10: Section 2 (Saudi Arabia)
Different hotel accommodation types and the facilitates they come with.

2018-02-10: Section 3 (Saudi Arabia)
Earlier navigation practices among sailors.

2018-02-01: Section 1 (India)
Work ethics for employees – Form completion and Sentence completion

2018-02-01: Section 2 (India)
Tidal Energy – Paragraph headings matching and one-word answer

2018-01-20: Section 1 (Colombia)
About couple that setup a website to get in touch with old school mates.

2018-01-06: Section 3 (India)
Egypt civilization – Clothing and adornment.