IELTS General Reading Exercise

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Babies Learn Language
Summary/Note Completion; Yes/No/Not Given language
Identifying/Match Information; Summary/Note Completion calisthenics
Emergency Evacuation
Sentence Completion emergency; evacuation
Employment in Japan
Match Heading; Sentence Completion; Multiple Choice employment
End of Silver Screen
Match Heading; Summary/Note Completion movie
English courses
True/False/Not Given course
Flight Attendants Recruitment
Table Completion recruitment
Hours of Work
True/False/Not Given hour
Keyboard Operator Practice
Match Heading keyboard
Places To Visit
Identifying/Match Information visit
Safe Computer Use
Sentence Completion computer
Short Business Courses
True/False/Not Given course
The Earth
Identifying/Match Information; Sentence Completion earth
The Openings
Multiple Choice; True/False/Not Given Employee; job; opening
Travel To Australia
Table Completion; Sentence Completion travel
Universities in Britain
Match Heading; Short Answer; Identifying/Match Information university
What To Do In Fire
Sentence Completion; True/False/Not Given; Multiple Choice fire
Workplace Dismissals
Sentence Completion; Identifying/Match Information dismissal
 Today's Question
Questions 1-9: Choose the correct letter, A, B, C, or D. Write the correct letter on your answer sheet.
1. Which offer has the most part-time openings?
B)PSA Healthcare
C)The Vitamin Shoppe
D)Advantage Sales & Marketing
Answer 1:

2. Which of these companies operate both in the USA and Canada?
A)The Vitamin Shoppe and Advantage Sales & Marketing
B)PSA Healthcare and Advantage Sales & Marketing
C)Chipotle and PSA Healthcare
D)PSA Healthcare and The Vitamin Shoppe
Answer 2:

3. Review of which company says that it is the best security company he/she worked for?
B)The Vitamin Shoppe
C)Universal Protection Service
D)PSA Healthcare
Answer 3:

4. Which company was founded in 1993?
A)The Vitamin Shoppe
B)Universal Protection Service
C)PSA Healthcare
Answer 4:

5. Main office of which company is situated in Atlanta?
A)The Vitamin Shoppe
B)PSA Healthcare
D)Advantage Sales & Marketing
Answer 5:

6. VitaPath is the other name of which company?
A)PSA Healthcare
B)Universal Protection Service
C)The Vitamin Shoppe
D)Advantage Sales & Marketing
Answer 6:

7. Which review doesn’t mention a comfortable timetable?
B)Advantage Sales & Marketing
C)The Vitamin Shoppe
D)PSA Healthcare
Answer 7:

8. Which company is described as a long-lasting business?
A)PSA Healthcare
B)Advantage Sales & Marketing
C)Universal Protection Service
Answer 8:

9. Organic meat is used by what company?
B)The Vitamin Shoppe
C)Advantage Sales & Marketing
D)None of them
Answer 9:
Questions 10-15: Do the following statements agree with the information given in the Reading Passage? Answer True, False or Not given.
True: if the statement agrees with the information
False: if the statement contradicts the information
Not given: if there is no information on this
10. The Vitamin Shoppe has an above average salary, according to the review.
Answer 10:

11. Reviewer of the company Chipotle says that working there is both fun and earns enough money.
Answer 11:

12. Advantage Sales & Marketing owns 65 offices all over the world.
Answer 12:

13. Universal Protection Service offers various security services in the USA.
Answer 13:

14. Reviewer of the PSA Healthcare praises its high wages.
Answer 14:

15. None of the offers included an approximate salary in the description.
Answer 15: