IELTS General Reading Exercise

It hosts IELTS General reading materials and exercises covering main question types, provides answers for all questions; students can get reading materials and exercises by topics or types and practices online.

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Babies Learn Language
Summary/Note Completion; Yes/No/Not Given language
Identifying/Match Information; Summary/Note Completion calisthenics
Emergency Evacuation
Sentence Completion emergency; evacuation
Employment in Japan
Match Heading; Sentence Completion; Multiple Choice employment
End of Silver Screen
Match Heading; Summary/Note Completion movie
English courses
True/False/Not Given course
Flight Attendants Recruitment
Table Completion recruitment
Hours of Work
True/False/Not Given hour
Keyboard Operator Practice
Match Heading keyboard
Places To Visit
Identifying/Match Information visit
Safe Computer Use
Sentence Completion computer
Short Business Courses
True/False/Not Given course
The Earth
Identifying/Match Information; Sentence Completion earth
The Openings
Multiple Choice; True/False/Not Given Employee; job; opening
Travel To Australia
Table Completion; Sentence Completion travel
Universities in Britain
Match Heading; Short Answer; Identifying/Match Information university
What To Do In Fire
Sentence Completion; True/False/Not Given; Multiple Choice fire
Workplace Dismissals
Sentence Completion; Identifying/Match Information dismissal
 Today's Question
Questions 1-7: The Reading Passage has seven sections, A–G. Choose the correct heading for each section from the list of headings below.
1How can reflection problems be avoided?
2How long should I work without a break?
3What if I experience any problems?
4When is the best time to do filing chores?
5What makes a good seat?
6What are the common health problems?
7What is the best kind of lighting to have?
8What are the roles of management and workers?
9Why does a VDU create eye fatigue?
10Where should I place the documents?
1. Section A

2. Section B

3. Section C

4. Section D

5. Section E

6. Section F

7. Section G