IELTS General Reading Exercise

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Babies Learn Language
Summary/Note Completion; Yes/No/Not Given language
Identifying/Match Information; Summary/Note Completion calisthenics
Emergency Evacuation
Sentence Completion emergency; evacuation
Employment in Japan
Match Heading; Sentence Completion; Multiple Choice employment
End of Silver Screen
Match Heading; Summary/Note Completion movie
English courses
True/False/Not Given course
Flight Attendants Recruitment
Table Completion recruitment
Hours of Work
True/False/Not Given hour
Keyboard Operator Practice
Match Heading keyboard
Places To Visit
Identifying/Match Information visit
Safe Computer Use
Sentence Completion computer
Short Business Courses
True/False/Not Given course
The Earth
Identifying/Match Information; Sentence Completion earth
The Openings
Multiple Choice; True/False/Not Given Employee; job; opening
Travel To Australia
Table Completion; Sentence Completion travel
Universities in Britain
Match Heading; Short Answer; Identifying/Match Information university
What To Do In Fire
Sentence Completion; True/False/Not Given; Multiple Choice fire
Workplace Dismissals
Sentence Completion; Identifying/Match Information dismissal
 Today's Question
Questions 1–8: The Reading Passage has eight paragraphs A-H. Which paragraph contains the following information? Write the correct letter, A–H.
1. Earth’s natural satellite

2. Distance between Earth and Sun

3. General information about Earth

4. The Solar System

5. Length of most moths

6. Another name for Earth

7. The living part of the Earth's surface

8. The movements of Earth around the Sun
Questions 9-13: Complete the sentences below. Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the text for each answer.
9. Apart from Earth, other rocky planets in our Solar Systems are Venus, Mars and .

10. Moon from the Sun on Earth.

11. There are millions of of plants and animals that inhabit Earth.

12. Now the Solar System is traveling through .

13. The dark side of the Moon is the side, which faces Earth.