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 By Daivample White

IELTS Reading Question Type: Table Completion

Studying IELTS reading question types, such as table completion, helps very much to speed up your answering in real test scenarios. IELTS organization has officially published all kinds of questions so that all test takers have the chance to be familiar with possible question types of test papers.

You can get question types from IELTS official website or related books. We get some samples here to demo the table completion question type. Hopefully, these practices may give you a hand to build stronger skills to answer this sort of question.

Flight Attendants Recruitment
 General   Table Completion
History of Steam Engine
 Academic   Identifying/Match Information; Table Completion
Travel To Australia
 General   Table Completion; Sentence Completion
Africa Boy
 Academic   Table Completion; True/False/Not Given; Short Answer