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The web app, based on a 2000 difficult SAT ACT word list, is to enrich English vocabulary skills and assist in shooting an excellent score in college admission examinations.

Do you need it? An SAT ACT vocabulary usually is huge. These 2000 words are relatively more challenging. We suggest you finish 1000 SAT ACT Words first. Because of both tests, the easier words are the prerequisite for enhancing vocabulary.

Why choose it? The proven word list includes all elements of a word: pronounce, definition, and example sentence. Besides, it offers sample use cases from classic literature, by which you can learn how to use difficult words in sentences from Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, and other masterpieces.

How to use it? The list is engineered to review all words quickly and focus on the details of individual words. You can select "Start Letter" as the first step, then skim page by page. Each page has 60 words. Click any word will bring up a panel to show its basic information. If you want to study it further, "Select" it, then its flashcard will be created into the below flashcard board for further online practice. It's a handy and efficient app to study, review, and memorize difficult SAT ACT vocabulary.
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